Agios Mamas Lagoon is located in Halkidiki. A protected area belonging to the European network, #Natura2000 .
It is a small but important wetland.
It is periodically flooded with water, of shallow depth. During the summer season the water evaporates completely. It is characterized as a place of Special Natural Beauty and as a refuge of Wild Life.

Main threats to the protected area are:

🏘The plots of part of the land of the ecosystem
💧The sharp decline in the waters of the lagoon (drought, oversupply)
🚗The opening of many roads and the passage of vehicles through the expanses of the wetland (natural alteration)
🚜Sand gathering for technical purposes
🥤Garbage disposal in wetland areas
🏖The use during the summer months of sand dunes by bathers.
🎺Noise pollution mainly in the summer months by bathers (disturbance of birds)