Scented Stone Tablet


The aromatic bar is handmade and crafted from white porcelain powder. Plastic figures of marine animals, created from plastic caps, have been incorporated.

The material we use for the construction of the porcelain aromatic bar is water-based, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and safe for both humans and animal. It is non-toxic and harmless..

The plastic caps were collected and processed by the Greek Eco Project until they took on their form and became useful objects again (Plastic Upcycling).

Each creation is handmade, from casting to the final touches, in the workshop. Therefore, minor imperfections, such as air bubbles, may appear and are not considered defects. Moreover, since the material is poured in different batches, there might be a slight variation in color and in the plastic figure.

Materials: White porcelain powder, plastic figure

Dimensions: L: 9.4 cm * W: 5 cm

We thank the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the SKG Makers for their cooperation.