By becoming a member,

  • it means that he wishes to participate voluntarily, either in his capacity or in his work, in the Planning, Organization and execution of the actions necessary to prepare and carry out an action.
  • αυξάνει τη δυναμική του Greek Eco Project, αναπτύσσει την ομαδικότητα και ενισχύει οικονομικά τον οργανισμό με την ετήσια συνδρομή.
  • acquires the right to participate in the general meetings of the Greek Eco Project
  • μπορεί να προτείνει ιδέες προς υλοποίηση
  • έχεις έκπτωση στα προϊόντα του eshop
  • and most importantly, by being a member of the Greek Eco Project, it is a way to help the environment.

After submitting the registration form, follow the instructions and complete your registration in order to become an active member of our organization.


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