What is it?

The upcycling is a "Green" development model.

It involves the process of transforming and reprocessing old products whose life cycle has ended or products that are no longer desired by their owner into a new form ready for use.

Is it the same as recycling?

No, there is a significant difference. Recycling is the final stage of upcycling.

During recycling, the product is broken down into raw materials with the primary goal of creating new products for use. When it is broken down, many of the materials may not be needed and end up as waste.

On the other hand, in the upcycling, the product is designed in such a way that it can be reprocessed to be used as new, extending the product's lifespan as much as possible.  

Our approach

In the multifunctional space of OKTHESS, in collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki and SKG Makers, we have a fully equipped workshop where we raise awareness about the upcycling.

There, we had the opportunity to observe and then receive sufficient training in both the use and the operation of plastic processing machines.

This served as a starting point for us to subsequently engage with students from schools and spread the message of the circular economy through practical plastic workshops.

                       We collect plastic caps and give them a new form, contributing to the principles of the upcycling.

We invite the public to collect plastic caps and, furthermore, engage in creative activities through the processing of these raw materials, giving them a new life by constructing useful objects such as coasters, flowerpots, rulers, etc.

If you also want to experience the plastic workshop, contact us for more information.  

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